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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 20, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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you free. amen. that is all the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta van susteren set to go live on the record. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. this is a fox news alert. controversy over obama care is spreading. on the record tracking town halls across america this week and this is new video out of dallas tonight where people on both sides of the issue are not happy. senator cruse joining jim demint sweeping across the nation. >> it is killing jobs and causing more and more people not to be hired. it is causing health insurance premiums to skyrocket. obama care was being debated, president obama promised the american people who said by the end of my first term, the average family's health insurance premiums will drop by $2500. >> after texas, senator ted
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cruse and former senator jim demint heading to florida, to tennessee, alabama, indiana and ohio and pennsylvania. you can see how many people are fed up. karl rove joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> i have to tell you that tonight what we're hearing out of dallas, there are protesters on both sides. the "washington post" saying hecklers confronting ted cruse at the town hall meeting and in response his people yelling usa, usa as the hecklers heckle him. this issue is not going away, is it? >> no. look, this very bad law with huge horrific consequences for the quality of american health care and for the american kmichlt there's a unity among republicans about the necessity of repealing and replacing it. there's a disagreement about the tactical suggestion from senator cruse, senator lee and former senator demint about how to go about getting it repealed and -- but there's -- every day we hear
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new evidence. this week a large national chain, clothing chain that said we're going to move to 30-hour workweeks for all of our hourly employees. think about the hardship that's going to create for so many people. because some of them need 35, 36 hours a week to make ends meet. now they'll get 30 hours at the store they work at and they have to find the hours that they need in order to make their nut. they're going to need to go someplace else, find a second job, work out schedules and transportation. this happening everywhere across the country. we had stories about how many people are going to lose their existing coverage. we've got skyrocketing premiums, particularly in the individual market. this is a disaster economically for our country because its price tag is understated and even when it was understated it was horrific and when we begin to implement it, we're going to find out it's a lot more costly than it was expected to be. >> how do we get to the implementation point?
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in the beginning, you heard many people say this is a great law, this is great. we're not hearing any of that. what we now know the employer mandate has been delayed, we have caps on the premiums and the co-pay. that was supposed to be limited. apparently, that won't be limited. unions are upset, small businesses claim they're getting hit. you have the reduced hours. now we're learning that there are missed deadlines more than 50% of the deadlines set so far have been missed. many insignificant but just one material one will matter to a lot of people. october 1st when the exchanges are supposed to start is just around the corner and frankly, i don't see a lot going on in this town getting ready for this. >> well, there's probably a lot going on behind the scenes that we're not seeing. but we do know this. the exchanges are supposed to be an electronic, if you will, marketplace where you go online in order to find a pick and choose among different kinds of insurance products. remember, the core of the obama care law is to force all that
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product to look alike. there's a thing called essential benefits provision. it basically mandates that everything has to look alike. there's not much competition in terms of price and different kind of programs and offerings to people. everything sort of looks alike. what i've been told, is this electronic marketplace is such that if you sign up, you're not automatically signed up into the system. they have to runoff a hard copy of your document and re-enter all of that information because they don't have the computer systems in place to allow it to be seamless. even when it appears on the surface like it's all ready to go. we have an exchanges set up and it's ready to go, in reality the paperwork in the back of this is going to just drown people because what's going to happen is it's not electronically set up to sort of accept your application, communicate it to all the providers. keep the electronic -- no. it's going to go into a file and re-enter it to various programs in order to keep the documents they need to keep.
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that's how screwed up this is. they don't have the fundamental essentials of this done. people were getting breaks. if you're a big company, you get a break. by gosh, we're going to not have the employer mandate kick in for one year. but if you're an individual who has to go out and buy insurance, we're not going to delay the individual mandate which means you better have insurance by january 1 of next year. the irs will be checking closely to make sure you have insurance. >> the big company gets that break because the big company can hire lobbyists and lobby the hill. they can lobby the president. if you're an individual, you have a hard time putting food on the table. >> let me be clear, though. i don't think it was lobbied by companies that caused the administration to say, let's delay the employer mandate. i don't even -- >> it didn't hurt when the unions came calling. it sure didn't hurt when the unions came calling and saying, look, we elected you as president. we got the votes out, got our unions out.
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now they don't like it. who do you think -- do you think they're not listening to the unions. they're not the big donors? a lot of the people and big companies aren't big donors? >> look, i think the thing on the employer mandate, sure, maybe companies have been grousing about it. i think they looked at it and said wait a minute, we have now figured out this law that we wrote, nobody read before we passed it, we remember nancy pelosi saying we need to pass a law so we know what's in it. there's a perverse disincentive, if you will, in the law for employers to continue to provide coverage. an employer may put out now 7, 8, $9,000 a year in premium support for their employee under the affordable care act. if they dump that coverage, they pay a $2,000 a person fine and so what i think what the obama administration did is said wait a minute, we're going to have a lot of companies that will figure out it makes more economic sense to dump their existing coverage, throw people into the exchanges and people will then have to navigate the
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exchanges. we don't want that happening in an election year. let's delay it until after the election. >> if you want an example, the quintessential disincentive, the whole program depends upon one thing. everyone putting money in the pot so that the healthy people can pay for the sick people. everybody what's got to be in. now we have lots of people with waivers, exemptions. not everyone is giving. talk about disincentive. the healthy people paying for the rich people and they don't want to buy the mandate. plus the fact if they do get sick, they go out the next day because they were preexisting and get into the game. there's a disincentive. if you're healthy and young, what in the world is your incentive to pay for the sick and the elderly? >> yeah. let's look at two as mekts of that. one of which you touched on. there's a provision called community rating. that means younger workers will be charged a higher premium than they would otherwise pay so that additional money they're going to be putting into the pot can
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be used to subsidize the coverage for older less healthy workers. now, what that means is the administration very blatant about this, next year they're looking to have a 7 million people sign up. what they're looking for is not to have 7 million people sign up, but to have a significant slug of those be younger, healthier workers whose money can subsidize the older less healthy workers that community ratings gives a pass to. that's one problem. the second problem is this. in the law, it is set up in such a way that it counts on a large number of people signing up who today are covered by -- who are not covered. or who are covered by their employer provided coverage and are shipped into the exchanges. what a lot of companies have decided over the last several years to do is to self-insure. if you're a company of 300, 500, 1,000 workers, it is cheaper for you to provide quality insurance
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for your employees by, in essence, becoming your own insurer. you got a big enough pool of people, particularly when you get up to 1,000 or 1500 or 2,000 orders. virtually, every large company in america like that, 1,000 or more employees is likely to be covered by a self-funded plan. particularly the union plans. remember the three unions, the culinary, the head of the hospitality workers and the head of the teamsters complaining. that's because the vast majority of employees are covered by self-funded plans with their corporate partners. this law is going to -- the administration has got to try and undermine the plans in order to try and drive those people back into the affordable care act. because right now as a self-funded plan, you're not subject to the community rating. so your workers pay a premium based on their health and their
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lifestyle. it is not subject to the essential benefits. that is to say, this requirement that you got to load this up with all kinds of things. instead, the companies have greater freedom to design a policy that meets the needs of their workers and cost effective and something they can afford. companies are using the self-funded to in essence avoid the affordable care act and 6 out of ten workers who have insurance are covered by a self-funded plan. that's why the administration will go after the self-funded plans and why the unions were so worried. >> karl, more than anything else, i want the people to have access to medical care. i have seen how painful it is when people don't have access to it. i want it more than anything else. unless it's done smart and right, it's cat stosk for those who don't have the means. we're okay. we'll always figure it out. >> right. >> it's going to be catastrophic for some. the whole problem is the program we've created, more than anything else, i want a smart,
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good, effective program that works. there are other aspects of it that are deeply disturbing to some. these navigators hired, it's unclear how much information they will have about the american people and yet, there's no sort of background check for them. we can't spend a fortune sending the fbi out to every single one of their homes, but there's something wrong when we give people no background check access to very important personal information. this is all just messed up in so many ways. >> right. well, look, these navigators, a lot of the groups are political groups. planned parenthood. spending several hundred millions of dollars to in essence fund community groups and political allies around the country. again, they're doing it in -- they're doing it in a cal cue lated way. they're particularly focused on what kind of sign-ups can we have among younger healthier workers to hide the true cost of the affordable care act and
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subsidize the coverage we're giving to older less healthy workers because of community ratings. there are a lot of stuff that stinks about this. we're about to half nearly a billion dollars worth of advertising between private groups, 3/4 from the federal government of advertising to sing the benefits of the affordable care act. i thought it was so good it would sell itself. no we're going to spend $700 million and the television ads will be run -- not in new york and los angeles and chicago where the big television markets in the country. instead, they're going to be doing things like running ads in harlingen, texas. in charlotte, north carolina and new orleans, louisiana. why those two markets? because they are television markets in state with democrat senators up for election last year, defending their votes on the affordable care act. there's no rhyme or reason for the television buys except let's go on the offense. most of the advertising dollars will be spent in states with republican governors, all i think designed to try and
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mitigate the political impact of the affordable care act by running a taxpayer-funded, multihundred million dollars worth of television ads to boost a program the american people do not like. >> you know, i usually like to be right about things, karl. but this is the one instance where i hope all my thoughts about this and all my study is dead wrong. i hope in the end that this turns out that i'm dead wrong on all this stuff. it looks -- there are a lot of reasons to be concerned that this obama care is not going to do what so many americans really need. let me ask you about something else. the irs. and their refusal to answer questions. nonprofit news organization are now suing the irs under a freedom of information act for failing to release training materials. tax analysts claiming the public has a right to know more about how the irs weighs tax exempt applications. karl, is this term of transparency that we've heard so much just a campaign jingle and
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what right does the irs have to refuse to release training materials? >> well, first of all, tax analyst is a group that, in essence, tries to get as strong an understanding as it can of what the irs regulations and rules and approaches are in order to then help people in business comply with the law. so they've been around for a long time. and the fact that the irs refuse toss give them these training materials is a sign, the training materials showing how a nonprofit application will be accepted or won't be accepted. i mean, this is a cover-up. there's no ifs, ands or buts about it. it's not just the tax analysts. the usa today, the begin et newspapers -- owned by -- there's been inquiries out for three months and have been stiff armed by the irs. this stinks. the new leader of the irs ought to be trying to get this issue behind the agency and the administration by being as
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forthcoming as possible. it's easier to say transparency than to be transparent. this administration is lousy at it, whether the irs or benghazi or secretary clinton's personal assistant. there are lots of things that the administration is not very forthcoming on. this is probably the most trouble. when you say this stinks. i'll tell you what else stinks. this has been dragging on since may since lois lerner planted that question. that's twh this started. congress has subpoena power. they could subpoena all this information. they send letters back and forth across this town. it's so crazy the way they're sent back and forth and never complied with. they could have sent one the end of may, subpoenaed those documents and had them on capitol hill right away or ask for a special process server. for the life of me, that we have to have a public or a private organization go to court, make a full request. why isn't congress subpoenaing
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this stuff, karl? >> look, i think they wanted as much of the investigation done as possible. i would not be shocked or surprised at all, i think it's almost action yoe matic, we're likely to see a flurry of subpoenas. whether the darrell issa's committee or the house ways and means committee. we'll be likely to see spoen as going up -- >> why so long. they've had since early may. what are they waiting for? i know they're in a five-week recess. this could have been done a lot earlier. >> you and i have a disagreement about this. i'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt. from my conversations with people on the hill who are involved in this process that are serious about it, they want to do it patiently. they've built a big mound of evidence. they are much further along than we might know publicly. they're going to start laying that out in september and october. >> the irs is never patient with -- good for congress being patient with the irs.
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how much is the irs patient with the american person who has a problem with his taxes. i don't have any sympathy for this patience stuff. they should have been demanded. there are a lot of people hurt. send a letter there, send a letter back. they should be get thg information right now. >> you may be right. but i'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt because i know they're focused on this, determined. you've got guys who are patient, able prosecutors like gowdy and people who know how to make the system work. like camp, head of the ways and means committee. i have issa, i have no doubt at all. three things will happen. we'll learn a lot more about what went on and we'll be shocked by it. we're likely to see subpoenas, issued for the production of documents and witnesses that they've not gotten and that they've been asking about for months and third, i think we're likely to see this turn into an
10:18 pm
even bigger embarrassment for the administration than it is now. >> i don't want to get the congress in trouble with everybody. he probably agrees we should get subpoenas out. i think he's pretty angry this hasn't moved faster. that's the prosecutor in him. i'm taking the last word on this, karl. thank you. >> you bet. thank you. straight ahead. this will probably set your hair on fire. why some teachers may elect to skip school next year and instead go on welfare. herman cain is here to talk about that. >> donald trump is warning governor chris christie. -- -- our favorite tweet of the every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years -
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does it pay to work or does welfare pay more? now, according to a new report, the u.s. welfare system pays more than minimum wage jobs in 35 states. how can someone afford to work when he can make more money by not working? fox news contributor herman cain joins us. >> thank you very much, greta. happy to be with you. >> tell me, sir, why would anyone work if you make more money getting benefits or welfare or public assistance than if you work a minimum wage job? >> only reason that someone would work when they can get that much off of welfare and public assistance is that their self-respect exceeded the amount of the benefits. the good news is i have known some people who, even though they could have matched their minimum wage income, would rather take that rather than the benefits.
10:23 pm
and the reason, greta, is quite frankly -- >> the problem, though, sir, is that some people can't afford to have that so-called self-respect you have because they're sort of down and out. i mean, yes in the grand scheme, it's much better to have some of the self-respect about having a product. but you've got four little kids at home or something. you're going to have yourself respect and work at a job or make more money -- do benefits and do more for them? >> well, in that particular case that you described, you're absolutely right. that may be extenuating circumstances that they feel trapped and they can't go out and work because they might have the self-respect. but i know some people that have actually overcome that. but the fact that there are more incentives not to try than there are incentives to try and get off welfare, that's part of the problem. here's the second biggest
10:24 pm
problem, greta. there are 126 quote-unquote welfare public assistance programs. and some people have figured out not only how to take advantage of the loopholes but the sinkholes. what washington does not do is cross-compare people who apply for all of these programs. so it starts in washington, d.c. in terms of making it too easy to take advantage of the system and then some people, not all, would rather take advantage of the system than to allow their pride and self-respect to cause them to try to go out and make it. >> all right. now, we only have 30 seconds. but this is a big question. how do you wean somebody off public assistance knowing that they can make more money than if they get a minimum wage job? >> if they don't have the pride and the self-respect to want to get off of minimum wage or want to get off of welfare programs, greta, they're not going to do
10:25 pm
it unless the programs run out or unless the programs gradually are reduced to give them an incentive to go out and try and work instead of taking welfare. >> do you think this administration has helped the very poor? are they better off when they were seven years ago or are they worse off? >> i think the poor are worse off under this administration based upon just one statistic. the number of people that are now on food stamps and the number of people that are gone on food stamps in the last four years is twice the number of new jobs that are being created. when you make it easier for people to get food stamps, easy for people to gain the system with 121 programs, greta, there will be some people who will do that intentionally and not try and get off of the assistance programs because of sinkholes, not just loopholes. >> mr. cain, thank you very much, sir.
10:26 pm
nice to see you. >> thank you, greta. same here. now it's time for tonight's hot button issue. do you think the welfare system encourages americans not to work? yes or no. go to greta to vote in our poll. up next, donald trump. tonight the king much hiring and i am today by luck. i put in the hours and built a strong reputation in the industry. i set goals and worked hard to meet them. i've made my success happen. so when it comes to my investments, i'm supposed to just hand it over to a broker and back away? that's not gonna happen. avo: when you work with a schwab financial consultant, you'll get the guidance you need with the control you want. talk to us today. but as time passed, i stted to notice max just wasn't himself.e and i knew he'd feel better if heost a little weight.
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well, she looks just like roxy! you know, i'll bet she's in a better place now. i'm sure she is. [ ethereal music plays ] [ motorcycle revving ] getting you back on a brand-new bike. now, that's progressive. donald trump has a warning for chris christie. why is he sounding the alarm? that's one of the questions we asked him earlier tonight. >> donald, nice to see you. >> hi, greta. >> in my prior life, di a lot of profrt law and trying to figure out the scourge of poverty in this country. i'm curious, how is the obama administration done in your opinion on trying to reverse this horrible trend? >> caller: well, you really have to give them an f for failure. because the fact is that there's no incentive to work. people are getting welfare
10:31 pm
checks that are bigger than what they could earn and people are just saying, hey, i'm not going to work. there's no incentive, absolutely. it's a disaster. you look at new york and various other place and the numbers are atrocious. >> don't you think that the obama administration or anyone is looking at the numbers would be horrified. i've heard the numbers on food stamps and if people need them, we ought to give them food stamps. but the fact that it's exploding calls into question whether or not we're going in the right direction dealing with this very painful problem to many americans. >> caller: well, the welfare numbers are incredible. you have many states where the welfare number, the money you get is greater than if you had a job. so people are just saying, and i guess you can't blame them, it's not good but how can you blame them, they're saying why should we work, we'll just pick up welfare. >> what is your assessment of president obama's intensity of working on the problem of welfare in this country? >> caller: i don't think there is an intensity. if the intensity is there, it's
10:32 pm
toward getting people as much money as they can. ultimately the country will fail with that. you've seen that many times over the decades and the years an the centuries. i mean, the country will actually fail. you can't go on like this. >> every time the republican party talks about poverty, there is sort of the pushback that the republicans are cruel or don't care about poor people turning their back on them. is this a fair criticism of the republican party or not? >> caller: there's certainly a criticism and people talk about cutting back on medicare and medicaid and social security. it is a criticism far more so of the republican party. frankly, what the republican party should be talking about is success and making this country successful. so that they can afford certain programs that are good programs basically. you get rid of the fraud and abuse. in these programs there are some great programs. social security happens to be one much them. but you can't have these programs if you're going to have
10:33 pm
a failing country, which is what we've got right now. we have a failing country. we have tremendous deficits, we owe $17 trillion. you can't do the things in taking care of people. what the republicans should be doing is talking positively instead of cutting back all the time. if this country were the country it should be, it would be so successful that it could take better care of people and you wouldn't have to be cutting back. >> how would you inspire and motivate and give opportunity to these inner cities, especially like detroit, where people simply don't have skills, they don't have opportunity. their schools are falling apart and sort of a growing, growing, growing. it's not getting better. how would you change that? >> probably, look, this is not a new problem. it's been going on for many, many decades in this country. we have cities that have been bad for years and years and they've done tax incentives, work programs and all sorts of things. nothing seems to happen. detroit is a very good example. i mean, detroit is a disaster
10:34 pm
area, there's no question about it. what happens, we'll have to see. perhaps you do the tax savings, perhaps you do tremendous incentives to businesses going into detroit and you instead of paying a big tax, which of course we're one of the most heavily taxed countries in the world, you don't pay tax. you pay very small taxes. you do something to get detroit and other cities like it. detroit is emblematic. you have many, many cities. i could name them but i don't want to embarrass people. you have many cities in the same situation as detroit. >> since i asked you the republican question. let me ask the democratic question. have the democrats served the poor people in this nation? they're in power in the white house. have they actually helped the very people that came out in large numbers for president obama? >> caller: well, i think long-term the answer is absolutely not. short term, sure. you look at welfare and what what's going on. look at what things are happening. long-term it's not sustainable
10:35 pm
by the country. i guess you could say on a short term basis, the answer is yes. people will vote for them because they're getting free lunch, free dinner, free breakfast and free everything ems. >> let me turn to the question of china. there's a document written that china is criticizing our western ideals. your thought about this document. first of all, what is it? >> caller: i think china is -- i've been saying this for two years and everybody else that listens. china is laughing at how stupid our leadership is. they can't believe they're getting -- i deal with many people from china. i've made fantastic deals with people from china. they cannot believe how stupid our leadership is. when you look at china, what they're doing with our jobs, we talk about apple or all of the things, they're made in china. apple is this wonderful thing that happens to be made in china. we're not the big beneficiary from that and other things. they've taken our jobs, they
10:36 pm
loan us back money. we're rebuilding their cities. we're rebuilding bridges. we're rebuilding everything. we're building -- we're rebuilding china. without us, believe me, we have all the chips. without us, that whole thing would come to an immediate halt. i do very well with china. i have many friends in china. many of the biggest business people there. they cannot believe they can get away -- this is an off the record statement to me. which i sges not so off the record. they cannot believe they're getting away with what they're getting away with, greta. >> turn to another topic. earlier today you tweeted about stewart stephens, tweeted he did a horrible job for mitt. evening governor mitt romney. sadly, stewart, is a disaster and he's expected to work for governor christie in the 2016 run. explain this. >> i think he did a terrible job for mitt romney. absolutely terrible. i think that was an election that should have been won. mitt keeps saying and other
10:37 pm
people saying the second debate and the third debate where it wasn't that he was good, but mitt was terrible. you have to be really nice and pull back and you have to do certain things. look, the campaign was a disaster. that was a campaign that should have been won. i don't know stuart stephens from a hole in the wall. whoever ran that campaign, that is not the person i would want running my campaign if i were rung. >> you do describe him as a disaster. >> caller: the result was a total disaster. that was an election that shouldn't have been lost. it was an election that wasn't that close. there was a big spread between victory and defeat. but that was something that shouldn't have been lost. the unemployment numbers, which even if you look at them now, the numbers are -- the real numbers are 15, 16, 17%. they don't show that. they show 7.4%. but the real numbers, that's the people who have quit looking. you got to add them in,
10:38 pm
obviously. but the real numbers are probably close to 17%. >> that hooks us around to where we started on poverty in the inner city. let me ask you this question. in your tweets, it seems to suggest that you believe that governor chris christie is running for president in 2016. is that what you think? >> oh, i think so, absolutely. i think probably based on everything i've read and heard, he's going to use a similar group that mitt used and of course, chris is a lot different than mitt. i think using stevens and the group of people that so badly, i mean, so badly ran mitt romney's campaign, i think it's a disaster for chris. >> you know, that's an interesting thing. especially since you've had success with the apprentice and hiring and firing. it's interesting to me that i would look to hire somebody with an enormous track record of winning. even if it's unfair to hold a loss against someone. that's what i would -- that's who i would look for. >> you know you can learn from losses. but that loss was really
10:39 pm
catastroph catastrophic. that was a loss that should never have happened, ever. such bad advice when you listen to the advice given. i happen to like mitt romney a lot. i think he's a good man. he would have been a good president. he did not resonate in tefrmts voter. he just didn't resonate. a lot of the blame is put on stuart stevens but he was the head of the campaign. you have to really put the blame on mitt romney for listening to the things. i'd look at mitt coming out of a store wearing a cowboy uniform or outfit, it wasn't him. it looked so false. somebody was giving him just horrible advice. off the top of your head, do you have a gut feeling whether or not you think governor christie would make a good president or not? >> i know him very well. i don't think he'll have an easy race to get in. but certainly i think he would be good and better than what we have right now. what we have right now is a disaster. donald, always nice to see you. thank you, sir. >> thank you very much.
10:40 pm
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trayvon martin shooting scene. uses audio from real 911 calls but ends with video of dead bodies representing the states that have stand your ground laws. >> are you following him? >> yes. >> okay. we don't need to you do that. >> okay. >> what is your name? >> george. >> do you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> there was a gunshot. >> get down. >> they shot who? >> a guy is raising his hands up saying he shot a person.
10:43 pm
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you scare me. and i like it. let's go what's in your wallet? a bank of america intern is found dead after he reportedly worked three consecutive all nighters. the 21-year-old university of michigan student was interning at the london office. he was found dead at his apartment at a student housing facility. the death was not suspicious but it brings to light the alleged brutal work hours of his internship. he worked almost 24-hour shifts three days in a row. he was a german exchange student who last attended michigan's business school. okay. wait until you hear this one. california gave small businesses, the ones that created jobs, a tax break. now cal in its great wisdom says never mind, we want that money. now small businesses, the ones
10:46 pm
that created jobs are about to get slammed with jien back tax bills. california state senator joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> wow. that's something. you're trying to claw back and get five years of back taxes after you gave them something. >> that's right. thousands of investors who helped start small businesses received a financial shock of their lives when they opened their mail and saw retroactive tax bills ranging from the tens of thousands of dollars to over half a million dollars. even though the taxpayers followed the law as it was written at the time. >> yeah. the law was written in 1993. they've been creating businesses, creating jobs and then now california's wisdom says we want that money but can only go back five years because of the statute of limitations. someone said it was unconstitutional to do this, right? >> that's right. that's why i've introduced legislation to stop that from happening. keep in mind, it's the
10:47 pm
legislature that made the mistake. the legislature wrote a law found to be unconstitutional. we should own up to the mistakes and not punish the taxpayers for following the law. >> this is so messed up. it's unbelievable. does anybody feel bad about it, the governor, the legislature? all these businesses, they've followed the law. the legislature is the one who did it to them. >> that's right. people need to feel bad in government because it is our fault and we should not impose it on innocent taxpayers. this really goes to the rule of law. the reason that we're trading commerce and we have businesses flourish is because they trust the laws as they were written. if the laws change, we can't -- they can't change our actions. they can't change investments. >> obviously, your state revenue service thinks it can and is doing that right now. i'm curious, when it comes up
10:48 pm
for a vote, will you get a unanimous vote to do something to fix this problem and will the governor sign it? >> i'm hopeful the governor will sign it. we passed the senate. it's now in a -- i'm hopeful they will pass it as well. >> i imagine, i imagine the small businesses people are sitting there. some have to pay $250,000 in back taxes. >> that's correct. some have to pay over half a million. it's not just small businesses. it sends a signal that all businesses need to be afraid if not corrected. >> five seconds left. are you going after them nor interest and penalty for not paying the tax on time? theoretically on time? >> my bill says you can't do that either. >> are they doing it? is the state trying to? >> they have the authority to do it in their agency's opinion, right. >> that's pretty messed up. good luck, sir. i hope you can fix this one. thank you, sir. >> thank u. straight ahead, we'll tell you our favorite tweet of the
10:49 pm
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>> greta: okay everyone it's time to hash it out. justin timberlake has a new gig, rolling stone tweeting justin timberlake and n'sync apparently set to reunite at mtv video music awards on sunday.
10:53 pm
after timberlake gets a special award his former band mates will join him for a reunion performance. looks like we don't have to say "bye-bye bye" any time soon who. can forget this moment between taylor swift and kanye west. >> i am happy for you and i'm going to let you finish but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. >> greta: singer tweeting the picture of a jar of homemade jam from swift. the note says i'm happy for you and i'm going let you finish but this is all the best jam of all time. who would have guessed taylor swift jams and make jams. and security concerns after a high, half-naked man parties for hours on a plane.
10:54 pm
the german chancellor's plane was unoccupied during the break in. german media nicknaming the man vulcan the intruder, luckily we zront actual pictures to show you. coming up... stunning words from a democrat turned republican, that is next. she loves a lot of the same things you do. it's what you love about her. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms obph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help
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reinforced with scratch- resistant glass and a unibody made kevlar strong. okay google now. call my droid. the new droid ultra by motorola. when strength matters, droid does. >> greta: republican louisiana state senator and former democrat blasting liberalism saying it's nearly destroyed black america. here is senator albert gillory. >> only capitalism can provide upward mobility and break the shackles of poverty and rise into the middle class. this is what we call the american dream. and republicans have always been the champions of capitolism. in recent history we've done a terrible job of articulating these values to a new audience.
10:59 pm
the truth is that today, black americans know very little about republican party. republicans spent too long cowering behind closed doors and acting ashamed of the value that's made america the shining city on a hill. i promise you one day, it will be impossible for black americans to deny the truth about this liberal managed state because in the near future the government that spends $3 for every $2 it takes in will go bankrupt and the grocery store will say no thank you to food stamps. a medicaid card won't work at the emergency room and those welfare checks won't cash. it's my hope and the hope of million that's the black community can come to grip was the truth, now, before it's too late. while we can still save ourselves. was it god's plan we'd trade one plantation for another? people have been too afraid to speak truthfully to powers but i'm not afrai.d wake up, my
11:00 pm
brothers and sisters of the american community. liberalism nearly destroyed black america. now it's time for black america to return the favor. >> greta: hi specter. the growth at the gate. just me. hello, eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, and brian kilmeade. it is 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." as the summer races forward, so does the race debate in america. stand your ground gave way to stop and frisk, now "the butler" hottest movie of the summer has a director that says america is more racist since president obama took office than before. more on that in a moment. first, we know the zimmerman trial ended weeks ago. i was stunned when i saw a brand new political